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“I am a furniture designer with an enduring fascination in the ways that people relate to designed artifacts and the capacity for design to enhance quality of life.”

Studio93Limited founder – Dr Jackie Lightfoot FRSA

Dr Jackie Lightfoot

I research with communities to investigate the socio-cultural factors affecting design and vice versa.  The resulting insights uncover important issues such as common assumptions people hold that affect the ways in which everyday objects are designed, marketed, purchased and ultimately used.

My working style is cross-disciplinary and has been described as “highly innovative, mature and sophisticated”.  I view a product’s end-user as individuals as opposed to an amorphous mass, an approach that has been honed through 23 years of practical design experience and academic study. Practical designs draw on anatomical knowledge and yogic principles gained through experience as a British Wheel of Yoga qualified teacher.

School furniture has been the focus of my design practice and research for over a decade.  My ambitions are to work towards a paradigm shift in social and cultural attitudes that hold back advancements in educational furniture design, to the detriment of children’s wellbeing.  New designs will illustrate the multitude of ways in which furniture products can provide excellent ergonomic support for schoolwork and so support schoolchildren’s wellbeing.

I am a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts; an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors, actively participating in the Institute’s Special Interest Group for Children’s Ergonomics, and a member of the Design Research Society.

Through my blog, the Classroom Movement, I aim to raise awareness of the problems children can experience when using inadequate school furniture and also, the related unrealistic behavioural expectations schools can have of young children.

My doctoral thesis “On the Edge of Their Seats: A Human Centred Approach to Primary School Chair Design” is available online at: http://eprints.brighton.ac.uk/15805/

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